Kontakt 6 "preloading" libraries when I add the plugin

I’m a mac user, still on Mohave. I noticed very recently that when I add a Kontakt plugin to the rackspace, it comes up with a library already loaded in it. I looked for something that might have been changed in Kontakt’s settings, but I did not find anything relating to it. It does look as if the library that gets loaded is something I have loaded earlier for another rackspace. Has anyone seen this? I tested this with Logic Pro X, and when I bring up Kontakt, it comes up empty, so it seems to be something happening only in GigPerformer on my machine.

That’s very odd…do you have predictive loading enabled?

Yes, I do.

Interesting…can you try the same test without predictive loading enabled?

I will and will report back tomorrow

I turned predictive loading off, saved and relaunched. When I add a Kontakt plugin, it comes up with no library loaded. I turned predictive loading back on, added a Kontakt plugin, and it comes up with a library loaded with a library from another rackspace. I know this because I saved a preset in that rackspace, and when I do that I always put the song’s name in the preset name.

I have had other issues with Kontakt, especially with Session Horns. I’ve had to manually edit the gig file more than once because GigPerformer has crashed on loading Kontakt plugins on startup. I used Sublime Text to examine the file, and for the Kontakt plugin I have seen tons of ascii data between the tags, and noticed that Sublime does not recognize the tags as such (usually tags are colored in red). Now, I have also seen that with VSL plugins, but I’ve never experienced Gig Performer crashing when loading any of those. On the Kontakt side, I’m finding that running through the song and then purging unused samples and saving a preset seems to prevent the crash behavior.

Did you see this issue with Kontakt 5?

I Never used Kontakt 5 with GP, but I still have it. Just added a K5 plugin (with predictive loading enabled), and it came up empty.

This is normal when using predictive loading. The plugins are obviously reused and it could happen that sometimes you get the plugin version that was last used within that gig file.

This is not an issue, but we will put it in as something to look into for the future and it may improve.
Thanks for reporting.

Thanks for letting me know, I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t have any corruption issues. BTW, I have quite the rig going here for my duo. Gig Performer is pretty amazing!


@stansongman THANK YOU for your kind words! We’ll keep improving it with the help from our users.