I need a 3 way switch - how do i create one

i can make a two way switch but not a 3 way switch, do i need a script for this?
I need to use this in every rackspace or can it be in global rackspace? switched from local?

I need a 3 way switch to operate some relays. on-off-on
a note on C to switch on relay 1 and on a change to center off position i need to send a note off message to switch off relay 1.
eg send note C to switch relay 1 on — on change send note off
send note D to switch off relay 2 —on change send note off
send note E to switch on relay 3 — on change send note off

only one switch can be on at once like radio buttons
– on change can send all notes off instead of individual note off.

not sure how to go about this, thanks

You mention the 3 way switch is on-off-on, but then that there are 3 relays.
So is it:

  • Position 1: Relay 1 On (Others Off)
  • Position 2: Relay 2 On (Others Off)
  • Position 3: Relay 3 On (Others Off)

Or something else?

Have a look at this gig file for an example. This is using a scriptlet to simulate the radio buttons and generate the note messages. Open the MIDI monitor to see the notes that are being generated.

Radio Button and Send Note.gig (63.2 KB)

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fantastic man ( been trying to get this to work for weeks)
works superb on its own rackspace
my next problem is :-
on rackspace 1 I may want to have button 1 pressed to activate relay one
on next rackspace 2 I may want to have button 3 pressed activate relay two etc

problem is – on rackspace activation/change to next I need all buttons to be off (for split second) so relays set to off before having a different button set to on in next rack space.

in other words I want to be able to have a different relay on on each rackspace , but need to be off before new rackspace takes over

seems like you need to add a 4th radio button that doesn’t do any function and that button is set to be active on Rackspace change. An “all-off” button that is part of the radio button group.

From there if you want the button to auto fire… you need to script a timer that result in the next button turning on.

If I am understanding your setup correctly.

I need the option to have relay 2 on or off , gonna try setting up relay board with relay 2 on (others off) first as per script

yes thats correct brandon
eg all off for split second before rackspace activates new setting

I a little concerned whether a script in every rackspace will slow things down ?

shouldn’t at all


Here’s a script that @pianopaul wrote for me when I wanted a widget to respond to a value of another widget but after a delay…

So my thinking is you could incorporate this idea where by the initial value on rackspace activation of the “all off” button is set to an implicit value of 127(on)… and then the timer would then turn on the “relay 2” button after a slight delay.

I can see the idea but I don’t understand them scripts

I have ik leslie can you send the gig file that actually works the ik leslie, i may be able to glean some info off it. cheers

I can’t send that gig… and it was less about IK Leslie than it was my controller which had a half moon type switch. The idea was when the halfmoon was near the middle position for a length of time, it would turn on the break and when it moved away from the middle position it would release the break. This script ran as a gig script but could be a rackspace script too.

In other words… the script is really about widgets and less about what they are attached to.

I am not very savy with script either but i have been able to modify ones others have built to my needs before. I’d experiment.

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still struggling
i need a script that will work this
on rackspace activation
start a timer for x milliseconds
send all notes off to relays to switch off
allow button activation that can be selected on variation 1 to select a relay on

i now think on exit rackspace it needs to send all notes off
then buttons will work on new rackspace activation

Turn off patch persist and see if that solves the issue.

Radio Button and Send Note(2).gig (126.1 KB)

patch persist is already off. cheer’s