GP not saving setups

Hi Everyone!

First of all, hope you all are safe and sound during this crisis! Now my dilemma…

After a day or two of not using GP, the saved parameters of my gig are not working - especially the volume faders assigned to my Arturia controllers.

Any ideas on what might be happening would be greatly appreciated.



Some more details please…
win or Mac?
What controller ?
GP widgets?

Can you please describe exactly what you are doing? Also, is this a new issue or have you never been able to save all the settings?

Are you using the Rig Manager?

What exactly do you mean with « parameters »?

Hi Everyone,

My apologies for not replying sooner!

My set-up consists of:

13in MacBook Pro running 10.14.6
Gig Performer 3.6.1
Focusrite 6i6
Arturia Keylab Essential 49
Arturia Keylab 61 mkll

VST’s from Arturia, East and West and Steinberg.

The issue: After not using the set-up for a few days, I noticed that the sliders on the keyboards would not respond, and would have to be reassigned in the rack editor mode. Also, volumes in the Arturia VST’s themselves would be set to zero.

The problem presented itself again last night. I unplugged both keyboards and after plugging them in, the situation corrected itself. I’m using my set-up right now and did run into any these problems.



OK – so this is a completely different scenario that what you described initially. I (and probably everyone one else) thought that Gig Performer was not loading your setups after you saved them, per your title.

What you’re describing here seems to be completely different. It sounds like your MIDI subsystem is not working properly, or something is going to sleep. You mention that unplugging your keyboards and plugging them in again caused everything to work again. How are your keyboards connected to your computer?

Hello dhj,

The keys are connected to the computer via a powered usb hub.



Hummm, but this is not consistent with the plug and unplug remedy :face_with_monocle: