Gig Performer vs Mainstage

You mean IAC?
What messages do you see in Midi Monitor sent from the 1st instance?

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 22.22.52

This is the setup of IAC

And this are the midi monitor data.

OK please uncheck Bank select
Did you make sure that the 2nd instance is accepting PC messages from IAC-Treiber IAC Bus 1?
And in the 2nd instance you assigned PC Numbers to variations?

I unchecked, thanks. The acceptance to receive PC messages in the second instance (IAC Bus 1) was on.

And I assigned the PC numbers to the proper variations. It did not work until I found the reason by case:

The PC number in the first instance (first variation) is 1, the second is 2. In the setlist in the second instance the first variation is 1 as well, the second is 2 - and everything works (with your help!)

When I do the same with the midi output modul (IAS Treiber) I have to put the PC in IAS for the first variation on 0, for the second one on 1. But in the variation properties in the second instance they are on 1 and 2 respectively. How this can be? It drives me crazy.

Try to change the setting Use zero-based PC numbers

Will do, but seriously: Too many options = too many errors.:smiley:

I like that flexibility, some hardware requires to receive PC Message 0 but show Message 1
Therefore this option.