Gig Performer Resources [discussion thread]

Gig Performer resources are located in this thread. This is a discussion thread if anybody has any feedback :slight_smile:


chapeau :tophat:
This must have been a lot of work and it surely is a great resource of knowledge and information! :beers: :+1:


I am totally impressed by how good and useful this forum is, and how much value it adds to Gig Performer’s raison d’être.


Very useful information…nice work!

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Outstanding work, Nemanja.

This place has been elevated during your time here. GP has so many options and things that can be done, it can be overwhelming trying to find and figure out how to make all the options work in the ways we want them to. Your tireless work at identifying helpful discussions, collating information, and regularly presenting it to us in ways that can benefit beginner and expert user alike is very much appreciated. So, Hvala! :beers:


Very useful :+1:

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I like very much the format this kind of lists. Don’t you think it could be nice to have a list of Scriptlets too with a short description and a link? I would find this very useful too :+1:

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This is a very nice early Christmas gift!

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I’m still updating these resources (not hard to assume that I do that from time to time :slight_smile: ).

Good idea. I’m also thinking about a separate post about applications that people may want to integrate with Gig Performer - an app-focused post (Bandhelper, TouchOSC, Open Stage Control, On Song, AudioGridder, … … …).


Also, Linkesoft Songbook.

Maybe a guide for upgrading from Mainstage.

You mean switching from MainStage to Gig Performer?

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I contacted a few MainStage users that switched to Gig Performer to create a quick guest blog, like we have for Forte users (written by Greg Nelson), but that hasn’t happened yet :slight_smile:

What we do have, however, are migration stories from the Backstage with Gig Performer episodes. You can see shortcomings of people’s previous VST hosts and why they switched to Gig Performer.

Of course, everybody is very welcome to contribute in any way to our community! :slight_smile:
Whatever idea you may have, feel free to contact me.

I call that “upgrading” :innocent:


I would rather think of a „technological breakthrough„ :innocent:


Just chiming in to add to the chorus of thank yous and gratitude for the resource and for this forum as a whole. The devs, mods, and users here are all extremely helpful and patient!


I was actually rather amused a few years ago when a user (who we didn’t even know at the time) created a video to demonstrate what he was doing with GP. Some user asked him, “what about MainStage?” to which he replied with something like, “MainStage is fine but when you’re ready to graduate, there’s Gig Performer” :slight_smile:


Done here.

@ all
Do you find adding credits in this list useful? I didn’t include them.


Here is a suggestion. The ability to export Songs/Rackspaces into Excel. I used a great script in the hacks area, that worked well under Windows, but not MacOS.

Also, exporting songs to a file and patches might be handy?

A new resource is here: Index of Gig Performer in Action threads


Updated with this useful compilation: Network tool for OSC monitoring