Gig performer in Lyric Theatre environment

Using a very simple gig performer setup in opera/musical theatre for an opera in Amarillo right now. Even just using 10-20% of its capabilities, it makes me happy! It’s a great alternative if you aren’t in the Apple/Mainstage world. Thank you G-P!


@MrBillow Greetings from a fellow west Texan!

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It is a also great alternative, if you are already in the Apple/Mainstage world. :wink:


Yes, I am in the Apple/Mainstage world and switched to GigPerformer. I will never look back.


Can you say why?

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First reason: GP runs with Windows and Apple.

With Mainstage I never was really happy, there are some things, I could not program in Mainstage and I have not understood the “way of thinking” in Mainstage. GP is much more consistent for me.

Another reason was that it seems to me, that Mainstage is not stable. For example I had Virtual Instruments that loose paramters after saving. But perhaps it was only my mistake…


I had problems with MainStage because it seems to keep everything in RAM without optimizing.
A long setlist like mine (60 songs), also using every way to save space (alias for frequently used VST) makes the full system unstable. And in my Mainstage test rig I used only one preset for Hammond and Rhodes.
In GigP I am using a lot of racks, every preset I need, one rack.
Everything runs perfectly, also with huge setlist.
With MainStage it would be absolutely impossible.


It is interesting to hear your problems and SirTommes’ with Mainstage. It is always what folks recommend in the Apple world so I assumed it was less problematic than it sounds like it is.