[Gig] 8X Soundboard

In this gig file find a basic sample-based Audio Player with 8 pads, where you can load a different sound on each and then play it as one-shot triggered, loop repeating, and play as long as you press the pad.

All of them should be able to play independently from the others in asynchronous manner.

There are eight separate Audio File Player plugin blocks and you need to load a sound file in the lane 1 of each plugin block (Important: don’t use the other lanes!).

NB: to quickly open an Audio File Player block, just click on the text label that states “Click to open” (Erik’s tricks :magic_wand:).


  • TRIGGER - clicking this pad starts/stops the corresponding playhead of the Audio Player.

  • RETRIGGER - always starts the sound from the beginning.

  • LATCH :

    • ON - keeps the sound playing until end or until it’s stopped (trigger again),
    • OFF - the sound plays only as long as the trigger is pressed

    • Loop mode - sound is repeating over and over
    • One Shot - sound will only play once

You can also adjust the volume or mute it.

Download: 8xAFP_Soundboard_OK.gig (1.4 MB)

Credits: @schamass

Discussion thread: LINK