Examples Please?

Within the script window, the ‘Code Helper’ icon at the top will display a list of functions, which get filtered as you type.

If you start typing the message type related to your callback e.g. “notemessage”, the list starts to look like this:


On another note, I stumbled on to this:

This is a great idea and one I have been asking for for awhile and I am glad GP has implemented this. It will be a big help to us non-advanced users.

Whoa! I never saw this detail before!!! This changes everything for me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Related functions are in fact grouped by their category in the documentation.

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I think what we have is enough for curious users with programming skills. Doing something more polished would need to put really too much time. But, you are at the right place to ask question regarding GPScript. I think the best way to learn GPScript is to read the documentation at least once and to start with some kind of small scripting project. Then you can “study” some more advanced collected by @npudar. I also started by trying things and asking other users from the GP community forum.


Thanks to one of our amazing users (@simon) we now have an update to the GP Script manual that has an index at the bottom where you can see the entire list of functions in alphabetical order.

It’s accessible from the Help menu of course but here’s the direct link



Updated direct link to the GP Script manual:

(BTW, I found this thread VERY helpful, as a GP Script beginner with years of semi-pro scripting experience [i.e., ‘wrote many required, but non-pro scripts for my day job’])

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