Just tested the Realtek onboard audio with Asio4All, and traraaa:
No dropouts any more! Seems to be an usb problem only.
Buffer size is 128 at 44100 Hz and the sound is ok on Windows 10 Pro with i5 cpu.
Maybe this could be a workaround so far?

Will definitely head to the usb area

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Yup, USB drivers in Windows can cause issues. That’s why I always test new USB MIDI devices on my MBP and I connect only the necessary USB devices to my Windows machines and to the same USB ports after unplugging. By the way, I find Windows Audio (driver) works a lot better than Asio4All both in my Win 10 and Win 11 machines. Besides, Windows Audio is multi-client while Asio4All is not. For instance, you can watch YT while playing plugins in GP. Try Windows Audio in your notebook and let us know.

Good idea. Will do tonite

For those who mentioned they use ASIO4All - this is a good read. https://www.theaudioblog.org/post/should-i-use-asio4all . I don’t know how much of the core architecture has been updated since the article was written in 2019 . It works well for me in some use cases - and creates problems in others. I’ve seen a few threads on this forum that mentioned issues when using ASIO4All w/ GP.

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That’s a pretty good summary in my opinion (it comes from your link):

Let’s cut to the chase: is it a good idea to use ASIO4All for real-time playing and recording music?

The answer is no.

Should you get yourself a proper audio interface?

The answer is yes.

There are no specific issues with ASIO4ALL and GP, but definitely latency issues with ASIO4ALL. As stated in the above citation, it is much better to get a good audio interface with a good proprietary ASIO driver.


For all who have been helping me with this problem, I want to thank you so very much. This community is by far the most cohesive and helpful to others than I have ever seen. Musicians are a little like that in general, but the GP members just rock!
So, the problem was actually two things. First was that the processor was not able to handle the upgraded ram even though it was on the ‘list’…and second was a partition that was corrupted between C and D drive where several months ago I expanded C and decreased D. According to a computer genius in the family, the memory/processor problem caused the partition problem in a series of graduation. Hence the problem starting quite a while after the ram upgrade. The solution was to put that laptop back to factory and give it to my wife, while i got another laptop with an i7 6 core 32 gig of ram.
So…again thanks everyone, I was able to learn alot of different things through all the suggestions pertaining to this ordeal


Thanks for reporting this. It will be helpful to others

A very common upgrade pathway for many tech items :wink:

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But sometimes it only moves issues. In that case: buy a new laptop for your partner and use that as an excuse for buying one for yourself :innocent: