Do I need 2,audio interfaces

Do I need 2,audio interfaces To get audio into a new instance or is there another way?
I’m on Windows 10

You can use a virtual audio device like this:

Is it reliable?
I’m gonna give it a try

I do not know as I am on Mac :wink:

I am not sure I understand well what you want to do. If you want to have audio inputs and outputs in many GP instances, it depends from your audio interface driver. Mine works perfectly with many GP instances. I you want to route audio from one instance output to another instance input, you can perhaps use hardware loopbacks.

Otherwise, I think the solution adviced by @pianopaul has a good reputation. :+1:

@simusix2 what is your audio interface?

Focusrite scarlett 6i6 3rd gen

I think the question is - do you want to use the same audio inputs/outputs in all GP instances or are you trying to send the output of one GP instance into another?

What are you actually trying to do with these two instances? IT will help others if you provide more context.

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My no-latency, no-software trick:

If your aim is to route audio from 1 instance of GP to another, you should look into the Loopback ports that are available with your Focusrite 6i6. If you have it set to ‘Playback 3-4’ like below in the “Focusrite Control” app, it means that you can use the Output 3-4 ports on the first GP instance, and then use the Loopback input ports (5-6) on the second GP instance.


I want to try different amp simulations and fx in separate instance so I don’t have to add to each variation separately.

Also would like to experiment with in ear monitor system

Will have a play with that

You might need to explain this more. I don’t understand what you mean by “so I don’t have to add to each variation separately”. There is so much you can do with a single GP instance that you might need to explore that further. Are you planning on outputting both amp simulations at the same time?

  • You can put each amp into it’s own rackspace and switch instantly between them
  • You can put multiple amps and run them in parallel within one rackspace
  • You can include multiple amps into a single rackspace and using variations switch between them

This is what GP does :slight_smile: It’s very good at what you want to do.
I use different plugins for my acoustic tone, my clean tones, may distorted tones… IT’s all completely different plugin setups. You switch between those instantly.

I do not see a single reason why would you need an entire second GP instance.
You typically use a second instance if you want to play backing tracks from it or if you want to process and run a different instrument/vocal through GP so they don’t conflict.