Displayed SongName in TouchOSC

I see, thanks a lot.

I am able to get the different part names, just not the current active part.

I changed the TouchOSC layout so that each part has its own button – much like the GP setlist layout. So now everything is working flawlessly.

I’ll make a note of the need for that for an update

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Would be handy. Thanks again!

sort of related to the same iPhone Osc document ; I can connect the devices , iPad and GP … when I change a rack space in GP boot there is the name on OSC on the iPad , then I associate a widget with knob2 on the Osc iPad, the iPad relates the state of the widget , however , the OSC knob2 can not drive the widget at all , to any state , BUT aforementioned knob2 does visually relate the state of the widget , what wires have I crossed ?

update ; I figured a few things out :

couldn’t for the life of me understand how the new touchOSC editor syncs or shares the file to the OSC iPad app, maybe I have an older iPad up , so went back to touch editor Mk1 , using an ad hoc connection from Macbook laptop to iPad worked , and now I’m off and running with a workable set of controls and labels to view next song and such , four gig set this weekend !!! Duckyfest 2021 Warren Manitoba !