Debugging script

Is it planed in futur version a way to debug a script?

As a Delphi developper i used tools libraries from TMS Software (TMS Scripter Add the Pascal or Basic language scripting to your applications including a full IDE with form designing, object inspector, component palette and more. You can create, design, run and debug script projects which can contain multiple scripts and forms just like a Delphi project) for that in my softwares.


You can put in Print statements in your script.

Thanks… it’s a way simpler

Great language - GP Script is in fact derived from Pascal. I wish Borland (oops, sorry, Embarcadero) had implemented a native version of Delphi for macOS. Right now there’s only FPC (which is damn good) and Lazarus (which is only adequate)

That said, we’re primarily in the business of selling a plugin host, not a developer’s IDE, a seriously major undertaking in its own right.

Sorry :slight_smile:

Rad Studio is multiplatform : “one code, multi target system (windows, Mac, Linux)”, but it can’t play guitar :grin:

Did you see this?

You can edit a GPScript using VS Code and compile it with GP using Include “myscript.gpscript”.

Hmm, last time I looked, it could create compiled code for multiple platforms but you had to run the IDE itself under Windows.

Has that changed?

Yes, Rad Studio only runs under Windows.