Daniel Capo

Daniel Capo is composer, arranger and pianist from California. He writes music for games (a notable example is Sims 4 at Maxis, EA) and run a VGM cover channel on YouTube.

Here is the most recent clip from his YouTube channel:

All parts are recorded live using the Keystep Pro and the Drumbrute Impact and all sounds are being routed through Gig Performer 4.

Daniel generally does his live performances on his Twitch channel (see for example, this one), which will be linked below.
He talked a bit about his setup on his streams, but he hasn’t done a detailed write-up.

Almost all the looping I do is recorded on the Keystep Pro (4 channel MIDI sequencer) and the Arturia Drumbrute (MIDI sequencer). So I’m using Gig Performer to host all my VSTs and take signal from my two hardware synths. The Keystep Pro is a really powerful control/midi sequencer, so it really does a lot of the heavy lifting.

Panels View:


Wiring View:



  • MOTU UltraLite mk5 USB Audio Interface
  • Arturia Keystep Pro
  • Arturia Drumbrute Impact
  • Arturia Microbrute
  • NanoKontrol Studio Midi Controller
  • Panasonic Lumix G85



  • DaVinci Resolve 17 Studio
  • OBS Studio
  • Gig Performer 4
  • Spectrasonics - Omnisphere
  • Spectrasonics - Trillian Bass
  • Spectrasonics - Keyscape


Check out Daniel here:


Gig Performer on Twitch and the art of troubleshooting :joy:

Link: Twitch

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Anyway, who wants to skip and hear the music → LINK

Another tune → LINK

I was not familiar with Twitch and that kind of live streaming, but it seems that people there have their audience and their own specific fun and humor. :slight_smile:


Haha. Ask me anything about Twitch streaming. I did it for about 5 years then took a break: about 3000 hours.