Cracks jumping from Rackspace to Rackspace

Hello specialists,

I have a strange behavior with my gig.
I play different Rackspaces without any problems,
but one has cracks and noises. I thought, OK, the used pluginns are causing problems and/ or CPU comes to its edge. BUT, the CPU is at 25% and the notebook is far from its limit.

Other Rackspaces are working without any issues, until another one, which before worked without any trouble before, startet with the same problems.

Than, switching back to the first one which caused this problems, is running without any issues anymore.

What can that be??

It’s running on a Windows Laptop which is stripped for just running GP.

Any idea?


what are those plugins?
maybe post the “offender” gig/rackspace file?


I doubt that is the pluginns, as it was working when the problem was jumping from one to the other Rackspace.

In one Rackspace it’s: Ample Guitar M Lite II + Korg M1 + Addictive Drums 2 (in Global Rackspace)

In the other Rackspace it’s: A Kontakt library for voices, Arturia Prophet V + Addictive Drums 2 (in Global Rackspace)


Did it always have crackles or is that recent behavior?

Hello David,

it’s a resent behavior.

It started with „In the air tonight“; with heavy interruptions.
After we playing some other songs/ Rackspaces it suddenly was at „Hotel California“, with totally different plugins and CPU and rest of PC capacity was playing in the kindergarden…
Right switching back to „In the air tonight“ and this Song/ Rackspace was clean.
Going back to „Hotel…“ is was bad.
With same setting it was working before without any issues…


OK - I’m not sure you’re answering my question — you describe a sequence of songs where switching to Hotel was very bad — but was that specific always very bad? I.e, did you do that switching before, to those particular songs ever, and it worked?


may my English is not good enough, but I guess what you ask me I already tried to express in my opening post.
It is NOT everytime at the same Rackspace and the Rackspace worked before, and suddenly not anymore.

If it used to work properly and suddenly stopped working properly, then something else changed on your system thst is causing this problem.

Could have been an OS or security update, a plugin update, some other application update that changed a system DLL, or even your anti-virus program doing something in real time impacting things.

Usually I would agree, but Windows is stripped down
too do absolutely nothing up to 03:00 am including checking any updates etc.
No other Rackspace is harmed at this time, just one.
After a while it jumped from on Rackspace to another
and the one which was not working is working again.

That seems to be a GP internal issue…

If it used to work properly and then stopped working properly, it cannot directly be a GP internal issue - there is no magic, GP by itself will not behave one way one day and then behave completely differently on another day if nothing else has changed. No software changes like that - something else had to have changed, even if it is not obvious.

Now it certainly could be that something else that changed exposed an issue that could be impacting GP but that still requires figuring out what actually changed externally.

I believe,
but it happens in one session; will check it tonight again and report.

Interestingly I have been experiencing a very similar issue since today. In my case it’s essentially a sudden change in performance. GP shows a very high CPU load while my system monitors all show a very low load. And one side effect are crackling noises when I change the rackspace.

There’s no magic. If it was working properly before, and is now not, then something changed on your computer.

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I think I’ve tracked it down to some weird Windows power settings that changed themselves at some point. @Flodder Maybe check these even if your CPU meter looks uncritical.

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Yes, they can change with Windows Update.
Can you be more specific: what exactly you adjusted to solve your issue? :slight_smile:

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Windows update I have completely blocked, this can not be the case in my system (I hope…)
I exchanged one plugin for another one, since that I haven’t the issue anymore, yet; but I have too prove it testing the second Rackspace at which I had the cracks as well.
As usual, I will update as soon it’s done.

I have issues with Windows updating as well. I can not turn off update because I only have Windows 10 home, not Windows Pro, which will allow you to turn off updates. Love to thank the guy at Microsoft, that only a PRO using a Windows Pro software should have the ability to turn off updates… great marketing.

Can you try this open source application: Download Wu10Man - MajorGeeks

I use this for Windows 10 Pro, but it may handle the Home version, as well.

As I understand it, this utility works for all editions of Windows:

" A handy utility for managing the automatic updates specific to Windows 10*

While you can argue that you can achieve the same results by disabling some services and setting a group policy, this is not always enough to prevent the updates. Besides, let’s not forget that accessing the Group Policy Editor is not possible for Windows 10 Home for instance.

All in all, Wu10Man is a handy application that allows you to access and make the necessary modifications to the group policy and disabling the services that activate automatically whenever an update is released for Windows 10."

Hi all,

just an update according the problem for that I had started this thread; after eliminating this “free guitar” plugin, the problem was gone!

As usual, it was no issues caused by GP :blush: