Caffeine Kill

The setup of a UK band Caffeine Kill relies on Gig Performer! With their permission, I post some pictures that the band shared with me. :slight_smile:



More material:


A brand new setup’s here:

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Really? :face_with_monocle:

You recognize the laptop :slight_smile:

Indeed! Don’t know if it is brand new, but it looked the same.

Check out the complete interview with Mogg.

I’ll also copy a comment from this YT video:

Excellent tutorial. I was reflecting as I watched - you’ve taken the tutorials from Brett’s worship setup, to Bruce Moore’s cover band, to a legend like Robert Martin, to Mogg’s Industrial Rock. What a great breadth of coverage and uses. Bravo, Gig Performer.

Indeed, one Gig Performer to rule them all.

And then you see quite a different use case, like in this thread.

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Here’s the latest info from Mogg (Mark O’Grady):

"I have so much for my live rig based around Gig Performer 4. It is central to running my backing tracks and virtual instruments via a wireless midi (CME Widi) and controlled directly with the AX Edge keytar.

I have tried so many mechanisms to enable this workflow over the years and I can honestly say I found Gig Performer 4 18 or so months ago and it is the easiest and most configurable system out there.

Most important it is absolutely rock solid!!!

The fact that I can bend Gig Performer 4 to work the way “I” want to work and not having to compromise my workflow to suit the software is the key differentiator this piece of software has over everything else.

I love seeing everyone’s setups who have Gig Performer central to their performance!

This was from our gig last night, it’s been almost a year since our last gig and I had to go in cold as the bands schedules didn’t align for us to get a rehearsal in. I genuinely booted up my laptop a few days before and just did a line check to ensure everything works as expected.

GigPerformer 4
Various virtual instruments
CME Widi
Roland AX Edge (wireless midi only)
Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre X"