Block unwanted networks

Not sure where to post this, but here goes.

I use a Bome Box as an access point to wirelessly connect my iPad Pro running OnSong to my Surface Pro 8 running Windows 11 and Gig Performer. Today I played outside at a venue that was offering 8 or 9 alternative wireless networks. Some of those networks must be strong, as at times, the iPad lost connection with the SP 8, and consequently could not control Gig Performer. So I was left without program changes, drum fills, drum starts and stops, etc and heaps of other midi functions through lost wireless midi connections.

I would like to know how to force my iPad and my SP 8 to always reject the intrusion of other networks so that I can eliminate this annoyance. Are there PC and iOS apps available that will do what I want? That is, only only allow a choice of the Bome Network or my home network.

I doubt this is the cause of your dropped connection with the bome box. The existence of multiple networks is the norm, and I’ve never heard of such a thing as other networks causing instability with your existing connection.

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One thing that I noticed and should have mentioned - the wireless network switch on the SP 8 had been switched to the off position, and so all networks were refused access. What could have caused this?

The bane of existence on windows 10+ are the update and windows modern standby. I occasionally find my crusty trusty laptop has halfway loaded an update and needs to be finished before I can “get to work.” Occasionally; updates will also screw up my wireless networking program. As is the case when the most recent win 11 update did it to my Lenovo. One day, the laptop just stopped auto connecting to my home WiFi.

Windows is no longer cleared out by a shut down like with windows 98/2000/7, as it’s not fully shutting down (Windows Modern Standby). Instead, a restart will clear the cache, memory, finish updates, etc. Depending on the BIOS, you may be able to force a hard shut down by holding the power button for about 30 seconds. I’m not 100% sure even THAT works anymore.

Not sure if that helps you. Windows can be a bit of a pain when the OS gets in the way.

That’s why I completely blocked the updates. I update it only when I have time to deal with potential problems (once in a couple of months).

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Is that easily done via a button press? I thought you could only delay the updates for a limited time?

On another thread, I mentioned a cut down version of Windows called Tiny 11. It removes updates completely along with a lot of other stuff. I’m seriously considering going that route on my backup Surface Pro 8 to see how it goes. Could possibly eliminate a lot of hastles.

I personally use this one. It is open source: GitHub - WereDev/Wu10Man: Enable/Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates

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I use the Windows Group Policy configuration as describe in the excellent Ultimate Guide to Optimize your Windows PC for the Stage
Read from: If your tour will last more than 35 days or you never want to automatically download/install
Windows updates then you can configure your Windows Group Policy so you will only be notified
that updates are available, but they will not be downloaded nor installed until you choose to
*download and install them"

Thanks to this method I regularly check for updates and only install them when it suits me or when necessary


Good to have options :innocent:

another option… you can easily edit the reg file in windows to prevent any automatic updates… you just need to remember that you did this and how to reverse it:

An update to this. I have decided to ditch the wireless setup and go cable. Hopefully, the issue becomes a moot point.

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