Beginner Tutorial videos for GP4?

Been trying to piece together getting started on GP4 with some videos and manual etc, however I think I really need to see a GP4 specific video.

Seems all the ones available are based on earlier versions, and the imagery is different to the GP4 views, with slight (it seems to me) different ways of doing something.

So yeah, are there any SPECIFIC GP4 getting started tutorials? I did type that into YouTube btw, and got nothing.

The “old” videos do help, as the concept is the same.
Widgets, routing, patch persist etc.

yeah but the views are different and other little thins are different - for example this morning I saw one that said by holding shift when connecting to the audio outs, it automatically creates a stereo link. This does not seem to work that way in GP4.

Try to imagine you have never seen GP before and are trying to get a handle on it.

There have been other little things I have noticed in passing, but I cannot recall now.
When one is totally new to GP with no experience at all with the three previous versions, it does get confusing and makes learning it (and it is a complicated program) that much more difficult.

haha, the same is true for the videos for MainStage 3…some stuff works some stuff doesn’t.

I should add I am also new to macOS, so there is that learning curve too :slight_smile:

Just tested, it does work

When one reads the manual, it should not be that difficult.

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See here: [Gig] Getting Started

And see the Gig Performer blog, there are many articles about various topics. For example, the latest blog article is aimed at beginners.

Link: Gig Performer | How to change sounds and control plugins from your MIDI controller

There’s another material “in the kitchen”.

m8, I am reading the manual and trying to watch videos -

thanks anyway

yep, and they require a rudimentary and solid knowledge of how the whole thing works!!!

as above , thanks anyway

OK, so where are you stuck? :slight_smile:

What confuses you :slight_smile:

Your feedback is very valuable, as I’m trying to make things easier for new GP users.

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