Audio Break Between Song Parts

Yes, they are

Can you upload a small gig file, so we could check?
What plugins are facing this audio issue?

What’s different between the two variations? Are you maybe bypassing some plugins and activating others?

No. The only difference is a midi widget that controls a pedal bypass within amplitude (found in my global rackspace). Also, even when I have two of the exact same variation in two different song parts, I still get a cutout of audio when I switch between them. I will upload my gigfile.

It might be a little too large to upload. Here is a dropbox link: Dropbox - Solo Set.gig - Simplify your life

Also, the song in question is Waiting in Vain

It’s probably ampltiude (did you mean IK Ampltube?) that is making the noise

This would actually mean yes - you are bypassing that plugin. Whether using its internal bypass system or our own - its still bypassed. Most likely this is what is causing the problem. Do you hear the “break” if you remove widgets associated with that bypass?

All your songs only have 1 part in them (Intro).

For me, something is really making the UI really laggy when changing songs in this gig.

One sound per song is usually good enough for me. This happened in song 16 in my guitar set, Waiting in Vain, when I needed two different sounds

I only see one song part in Waiting in Vain (Intro), therefore only 1 variation is used in this song.

I deleted all of the widgets controlling IK’s Amplitube. Also, even an identical variation causes a break in sound when I switch between song parts.

That’s embarrassing. I apologize, I must’ve forgotten to save before uploading. Do you want to create another song part and test, or do you want me to reupload?

What variation was the second part mapped to?

It doesn’t matter. Any two variations cause a break in sound. Even identical ones. I’ve tested many of them.

I have a recollection of this occurring with S-Gear…

Hmm…I just made a barebones rack with only S-Gear and there is no break. Honestly, since it happened to all my variations, I thought it was a universal issue, but now I can try to troubleshoot and see if I can find a culprit. Thanks!

Try this in one of your rackspaces: remove the parameter mapping for these 4 widgets:

  • Amp A/B, and the 3 bypass ones for Amp, Effects, Cabs

These parameters seem to trigger a pause in S-Gear’s audio (even if the widget value doesn’t change). I recall finding something like this ages ago.

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That did it! Brilliant! Thanks everyone for your support. This community is 100% of the reason why I bought gig performer and why I will stick with it until the end. Truly invaluable.


What end?

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Hey, Gig Performer may be immortal but I gotta die someday pal.