88-key controller: NI, Arturia, or ...?

“issue” means “problem” not “feature” if it is what you wanted to tell… perhaps…

Could you please give an example, as an older Cantabile user I am interested… Is it an event (which kind?) that could trigger an automation/action (of what?)?

Yes, feature, you are right.
English is not my native language, sorry…
Cantabile has racks static (full song list) and single song racks. Every rack has more states.
Changing states you can drive a lot of parameters.
Or events on many conditions.
Example: on song start, send a program change to a rack.
Another example: on start of song part x, drive controller to a midi channel. This way you can easily switch channels of a multi setup of Kontakt.
Automation on different cases is extremely flexible and programmable without scripting.
When I landed here I tried to do the same with GigP. Everyone suggested to me immediately to make different racks of same VST, one for every preset needed. It works.
But my brain prefers to think to have a more programmable platform where my fantasy is the only limit.
This is why I used Cantabile for years, when I was playing live a lot.
Now we are locked at home…
So GigP until now has no “references” in my mind

So a little bit like Rackspace and variations…

What is a Program Change supposed to change here? A Rack, a plugin preset in the rack or an external synth preset? There are possibilities for this in GP too without scripting.

Can be done with a widget too…

A program change on a synth VST means a preset change.
So you can have a “full concert” rack of a synth where you change preset for every song. Or even every song part.
I am not sure but I mean automation without widgets.
Usually I am not interested to click on a button on my controller to make different actions.
I click on a button to go on with song parts, or change song. And I would like with that single action to drive my full setup.
Like changing preset or changing midi routing.

It is completely unnecessary to apologize for such things — we are very appreciative of users who take the time to interact with us when English is not their first language.

That can be done with variations and widgets.

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I am going to study more about variations and widgets on the manual. Then I will get back.

Feel free to ask when you need support or hints :wink:

It is not always an advantage to have the experience of another software with a very different concept. Think of what you want to achieve and try to do it with GP concepts, rather than trying to reproduce with GP the way you would do it with Cantabile.
We will be happy to help further… :wink:

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Thanks for pointing that out….it is indeed one of the mistakes made by people coming from other systems….it’s the same advice as if you were switching from Mac to Windows or vice versa. Don’t try to make the new one behave the way the old one did :grinning:

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Guys… You told me that thing more times.
Don’t design with another tool in mind.
You are right. True. I agree. I did it.
Then you asked me why I think that Cantabile is better.
Difficult to explain differences without considering both sides.
Writing again not to consider Cantabile in this case is nonsense.
I think it was not fair to talk about a comparison in a post about midi controllers

One thing has nothing to do with the other. I was just curious as I saw all the cool stuff you are doing with GP (and you seemed happy enough) so I was just trying to reconcile everything.

It’s fine to compare the products, we can always learn something from what has been done before us (and Cantabile has been around three times as long as us) and considering both sides is cool.

However, what doesn’t really work is to try to use GP the way one might use the other products. The GP model is philosophically quite different and it’s necessary to work within the GP model to get the best out of it.

The classic example of this is where people don’t try to leverage rackspaces because they assume that duplicating plugins everywhere will cause them to run out of CPU. Bad assumption.

I am available to help the GigP team to show a Cantabile session, if needed.
Not easy to do remotely.
Also because I sold my windows notebook to buy a Mac, so I cannot show my old setup.
Yes, my new setup with GigP works perfectly.
As already said, a songlist of 60 songs without limitations on VST and settings is currently working for my band.
And I did as suggested, with single racks for every preset.
So I didn’t use any Cantabile idea, because it was not possible. And it wouldn’t give suitable results.
I got back explaining Cantabile because someone asked me that thing.
For me everything is clear and agreed.
I have a possible date on June 19th, but weather must be good because regulations in Italy don’t allow a concert in a closed environment. Not yet.
With no rain it will be my first GigP driven night.
I will port my setup to version 4 after that date.

Actually we have already looked at Cantabile (and the other competitors) for comparisons but I appreciate the offer.

We will continue to enhance GP of course.

You MUST improve GigP!
Now I am on this boat… And I am getting comfortable.
Version 4 with global rack is for me a huge improvement, so I see a dynamic project, driven with requirements from users in mind.

We’ve already started :relaxed:

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Would you mind sharing that script?

Have a look at my Blue3 template, it makes use of this script. If you don’t find it, i can post it later.

Here it is:

@schamass Thank you!!