2 Gig Performer Instances: Playback+MIDI Guitar2

So two instances have various advantages:

  1. On a Mac you con use different buffer settings. The MIDI Guitar Instance in my case has a very low buffer setting because it is played live.
  2. Both instances react in sync to Program Changes. Very cool!
  3. I don’t like the GUI of MIDI Guitar. It is a great relief to select the instruments which should be triggered by MIDI Guitar with GP. Before that I got all kinds of weird Program Changes within MIDI Guitar 2. The instrument browser of MIDI Guitar is a real pain in the ass :wink: And so on…
  4. Two instances give you a lot of flexibility or in other words. I prefer using MIDI Guitar as a Plugin because as a Plugin in Gig Performer it is very easy to have an alternative signal chain. What I mean is let’s say you use MIDI Guitar to trigger the brand new Boss GM-800 Guitar Synth Sound Modul. But maybe you are not always happy with its internal sounds. So then for those case you just create a second output of the MIDI Guitar plugin in GP which goes to for example your Konktat Sampler VST with your favorite Sax Sound or to Falcon with your favorite Piano Sound and so on…
    So I think there are even more advantages, but that is what comes into my mind after messing around with the various options for about 5 or 6 hours. Obviously everybody who is happy with using MIDI Guitar standalone in combination with GP may do so and if you have GP running with very low buffer settings then congratulations: You probably won’t need a second instance.