Zenaudio ALK - Sequencing Looper

I stumbled across this and am finding it very interesting. It’s a combination of a simple DAW/sequencer and live looper. In their words:

ALK is a sequenced looper. Unlike a traditional looper, where the signals to record or play a loop are triggered via a pedal, in ALK you can structure loops on a timeline – before you play your gig. Then, when it’s time to perform the song in front of an audience, ALK takes care of triggering the appropriate actions depending on where you are in the song.

So if you have a very structured performance, you can use ALK to pre-define when your loops will occur, and then control how long to loop it for (you can also re-trigger the loop later in the timeline), with automation for loop/track volume or other parameters.

This screenshot shows the basic loop/playback structure: red is a record loop, green is the playback of the loop.

  • Each track can be configured to a different input. I was successfully using the virtual soundflower device on my Mac to create multiple virtual audio outputs in my GP rackspace and route different sounds to different tracks in ALK. So once you set up your record loops for each track it will automatically arm/enable the input when the timeline hits the record loop.

  • Tracks can playback audio files or midi files and can include plugins. I am using one with EZDrummer. I was also able to use a midi track to output program changes to GP to change rackspaces at set times (this took some time to figure out as you can’t create midi messages in ALK - I had to create them in an external app and import them).

There’s definitely more work to be done and it took me a while to get my head around the interface and workflow. But they have a generous 30 day trial so will stick with it.