Zebra2 and Sustain

I must have missed the memo again … i can’t seem to get Zebra2 to recognize my CC#64 (sustain). I have attached my Rackspace. Maybe someone could take a look and tell me where I went wrong? See rackspace#2 the second variation.

Dry Beat 17.rackspace (82.8 KB)

You have mapped CC#64 to a widget and then CC#64 is not sent anymore to a plugin.
This is well documented.

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Yes, you are correct of course. I started to try to map it to Zebra2 but forgot how to do it. Can you point me to where in the knowledge base and I will follow up. Thanks for your help :).

Ok, what do you want to control?

I want Zerbra2 to react to my CC#64 and do a sustain when I press the pedal.

ok, then you have to clear your midi mapping of the widget

Yes, and then what?

now the cc64 should reach the zebra.
you can connect the midi monitor plugin to the midi in which is connected to zebra and see if cc64 is coming in

I spent the entire day at the office waiting to tackle my sustain dilemma when I got home. So, as soon I got home this evening, I went right into the studio and tried sending CC#64 to Zebra2 and it worked right off the bat.! If I didn’t see this with my own eyes I would not have believed that it did not work yesterday and today it works with no problem. I give up, case solved.

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But now you do not MIDI map CC64 to widget right?