Youlean loudness meter was recording more and more history data, destabilizing project

Solved by fixing another issue:
Had a super huge project file size ( > 100 MB, 20-30 seconds to save). Turns Youlean Loudness meter will store more and more history data in “continuous” mode and never clear it. After fixing that, the project size jumped down to 5 MB. The scripting-related crash then disappeared.

GP crashes when calling ResetWidgetValue on a widget that is targeting a scriptlet parameter.

// scriptlet code
Var MANUAL_CROSSFADE("crossfade")                 : continuous Parameter = 0.0;
// just a "dummy" scriptlet, no further functionality that could cause the crash
  • Create a knob widget.
  • Assign it to scriptlet crossfade param.
  • Set Widget’s “Initial value on gig load” to “this value” (100.0)
  • assign script handle to widget

Create rackspace script:

on variation ( oldVariation : integer, newVariation : integer)

Now, when switching variation, GP will crash.

I haven’t tested if it only happens when resetting inside “on variation” or in other cases too.
Sending an error report with a link to this topic.

P.S.: ResetWidgetValue is not working if a widget is part of a radioGroup.

P.P.S.: Information on how to report bugs is sparse, a mentioned “ticket system” doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Feels wrong to me to post bug reports in general discussion… Maybe add a dedicated bug report forum?

What GP Version are you using?
On Mac I cannot reproduce?

Can you upload a test gig file so I could check?

I also cannot reproduce on Windows.

Thanks to you two for fast checking on your devices!

Happens I just fixed another issue, that solved this one:
Had a super huge project file size ( > 100 MB, 20-30 seconds to save). Turns out a loudness metering plugin was set to record and store more and more history data. After fixing that, the project size jumped down to 5 MB.

After clearing, the ResetWidgetValue crash has disappeared too.
I can only guess GP was crashing due to some edge case made up out of seemingly unrelated things, plugin storage limits, variation changes, script execution… combination of all this must’ve created this edge scenario.

Do you have a crash report?

Sent it to you using the built-in error reporting tool!
Its the one having a link to this thread in comment field.

Can you please post it here? I have no idea if you’re on Mac or Windows.

Sounds like the developer of that plugin was storing history data as part of the plugin state — they should absolutely NOT be doing that. I’d encourage you to reach out to them.

I bet it was the Youlean plugin, which was reported to have this issue previously.

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Win 10 Pro 22H2 running GP 4.8.
I did not store the crash report unfortunately.
Maybe I still have a successfully-crashing version of the project and can recreate the crash.