YAMAHA CP-88 / 73 with audio interface

The new stage piano series from YAMAHA includes an audio interface!! So with one USB connection it can send MIDI to the computer and receive audio. This means it only requires one cable to connect this piano with an Mac Book (or any other notebook) to play GP and have everything coming out of the piano outputs.

That’s nothing revolutionary but not that common in the stage piano market. I wished my Nord Stage would have that. So I think this is a really nice trend… hopefully other manufacturers follow that lead.

Of course we will have to see if the included drivers will be stable and low-latency enough… but with my YAMAHA MoXF this already works pretty well (and at least since Nebojsa’s article about latency we all know that a buffer size of 256 or 128 should be sufficient).


Does anyone have experience with this board inside Cp88? I read it is only 44 KHz and I guess only 16 bits. Not top class but maybe enough. How about latency?
My Montage has a board that can go much higher and I used it with success together with GigP