X/Y Pad widget, 'open plugin GUI' assignment, per-plugin meter?

Hi all

I’m enjoying my trial of GigPerformer, but some things I miss are:

  • An XY-pad widget to control synths and effects with XY-pads (or just to manipulate two parameters)
  • An assignable button function to open a plugin’s GUI (some plugins have very specific GUIs for live performance).
  • per plugin meter display (to track overloading etc.)

Sorry if this has been covered already…

Hello and welcome to our community!

  • An XY widget in on our todo list.
  • I’ll add that to our list. Most likely not high priority at this point, but we will think about that one
per plugin meter display (to track overloading etc.)
IF you are talking about audio output metering - you can do that now. Simply put our Gain control after the plugin you want to meter. You do not have to change the volume with it, but it provides metering and parameters that you can connect to the front of your rackspace to meter widgets.

Thanks! I thought I was missing something with the metering.

Regarding open/close, if I may, it would also be nice to be able to double-click to close the same way you double-click to open in the connections view. Double click currently doesn’t do anything in the connections window once the plugin is open.

Sure - that’s a good idea! Will definitely put it onto our list.


Is it possible to have a Rackspace [Text Label], [Button] etc… open a plugin when clicked? Without having to switch to Connections view and double clicking the plugin object.

Yes, by using a callback in GPScript to open a plugin

Works flawlessly. Thanks for the tip.