Working with RealGuitar

I am using RealGuitar on several rackspaces and I want to set the tempo as soon as the rackspace is instantiated or better yet when a variation is instantiated. I am pretty sure if I can send a SYSEX to RealGuitar it would look something like this: “F0 00 01 74 16 F7” + a tempo-value

where: The F0 00 01 74 is the standard SYSEX 'header, and the F7 is the terminator. The 16 is the key parameter which indicates this is a tempo message. Following this, I expect that I would send a value indicating tempo. Do I have this right or am I way off base? Has anyone tried this?

I was told that another technique I could try is sending CC#14 followed by a value representing a tempo. Has anyone tried this?

Do I need to write a script to do this (for which I have no idea how to do it)?

Any help would be appreciated,


  1. Host automation is always better ( Did you try to assigned the tempo parameter of the plugin to a knob? What would block you in doing that?
  2. If there is no way to do it, you can of course assign a knob to the CC14 of the MIDI in block connected to RealGuitar (if CC14 controls the tempo).
  3. I nothing else work you can use GPScript to send a SYSEX, but I would be very surprised if you have to do this.
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