Workflow advice


Still yet to try GP. Can anyone tell me a quick workflow if I have this situation:

I use 2 keyboard on stage. Lets say I have multiple rackspaces …
rackspace 1 - strings (keys 1), piano (keys 2).
rackspace 2 - organ (keys 1), piano (keys 2)
rackspace 3 - guitar (keys 1), piano (keys 2)

Then later I decide I need to modify the piano sound , volume, eq, whatever.

How do I simply alter the piano sound without having to do it on every rackspace individually?

This situation is the main reason I have not started using GP. I’m not dealing with potentially 3 rackspaces, but at least 50 that I would have to update if I made a change… currently unworkable

Any ideas, suggestions much appreciated.


You could use two instances of GP. One for “Keys1” one for “Keys 2”. Then you can independently control the sound for each keyboard and have any combination you want.


And how do I get each instance to talk to each other and change to the correct rackspaces at the correct time? I dont want to be thinking about changing rackspaces on 2 instances… It could get confusing really fast. Also, how would I get both instances to output to the same audio interface outputs. I dont want them separated.


In your song part you could send out a MIDI message over the IAC driver to another instance(s) to automatically change to the appropriate rackspace.

You can use the same device for any number of instances on a MAC. On Windows - your device must be a “multi client” device to do this.


How would i merge the 2 outputs from the 2 instances so I could add a compressor or an eq?


You would have to use separate compressors and EQ for each instance. We do have it high on our TODO list to add global processing which would most likely address most of your questions.