Windows tablet Mode issues

I thought I’d just make a short video of the display bugs in GP4 Windows touch screen portrait mode. Its easier this way… YouTube would have been a little more streamlined I suppose, but this was already backed up to google photos.

BTW, I know the tuner (and just about any system action now) can be assigned to a controller, but as a guitar player I mostly have foot controllers and to some of the shorter gigs I don’t want to bring a lot of hardware. The touchscreen option allowed access to setlist or wiring mode/view as well as the tuner. Albeit I’d LOVE the tuner to display OVER and top of the lyrics window, even when that is set to be on top. Or at least be scalable/moveable so I can position it where I can see it when the lyrics window is open.


Thanks @ztones. The issue is that, when in portrait mode, windows overrides the minimum width sizing of an application and goes beyond what it was designed for. That creates all sorts of issues you noticed.

I’ll put in a report about this so we take a look at it at some point, but we fully understand the “mode” you’re working in and have some ideas on how to address that particular use case.

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Awesome! Until then I’ll have to stick to GP3 for live performances, so selfishly, hopefully sooner rather than later. :wink: Thank you!

What about the lyrics window missing the resize and minimize “buttons”? Also, is it possible to display the tuner over the lyrics window when that is set to display on top?

Unfortunately no because the tune window is part of the main GP window and the lyrics window is “floating”.

This all falls under the “mode” or “the way you use it” category which is something we’ve been thinking about, but it requires some significant changes and additions.

I’m not sure if i understand it correctly, but the lyrics window in tablet/portrait mode in gp3 does have the resize buttons.

Yes - I know - I’m trying to say that the way you’re trying to put things together should work much better in general. Those buttons have been removed for a reason, but you should have a better way to switch between the chordpro window and the other stuff in full screen and the tablet mode you’re using.

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Right. Currently as is, in Windows touch screen portrait orientation, sadly, GP4 is not usable live for me. :pensive:
I’d love to know the reason for removing the resize button from the lyrics window, but i need at least 2 sizes accessible with a single touch. A full screen, and a way to snap back quickly to a previousv smaller size that was sized and positioned exactly where I wanted it (so I could still access widgets and keep some important things visible).

BTW, would it be possible to offer an option to open the tuner in a floating window as well?

As a workaround you could use a separate tuner-plugin and place it into the global rackspace (which would make it available in every situation) and then just use a widget to open/close the plugin window… i guess this could do the trick.


By the way the free Melda MTuner is excellent!

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Good idea, I had tried tuner plugins, but as I remember, that too wasn’t visible over the lyrics window (when it is set to stay on top). Which of course makes sense, but it would be great if there was a way to temporarily override it, or if there was a way to position the windows so they don’t overlap each other. For example, I usually have the lyrics window open in the bottom 2/3 of the screen, and if the tuner could open in the top somewhere, would work well.

Yes it is, but as per my previous comment, that window opens behind the lyrics window as well.

There is a setting in Options that places your plugin editors on top. Experiment with that a bit.

Options → Display → Keep plugin windows on top.

I personally use a tool named WindowTop (for Windows) to place various Windows on top of the others.

I love windowTop! Funny you mention it, I don’t know if it was a one time glitch or what’s going on, but I tried using windowtop on the script logger window in gp4 and it would not stay on top. It used to work like a charm on all windows in gp3. But I haven’t played with it enough to see if it’s a one-time occurrence or if it’s some sort of a system glitch.

I’ll check out the settings you mentioned.

The problem (for me) with that live, is that it takes 2 or 3 clicks to active/deactivate. What I’m trying to accomplish is keep the cord lyric window on top while I’m changing song,s but when I need the tuner, I need that to be visible. Ideally, I wouldn’t have to mess with moving or resizing the lyric window and the tuner would be visible.

I made small gig file to show you, how it works…
As a tuner plugin, i used the MTuner VST3 from Melda Productions, which is free - you can download it here:

Make sure you activated the option “Show plugin windows on top” in the Options/Display menu!
After that you can have your text window from the setlist sitting on top, but when you activate/open the tuner via the widget in the global rackspace, the tuner’s window will be in the foreground.
If you learn this open/close widget to a MIDI controller button, you can simply switch the tuner ON/OFF at any time.
Hope this helps:
Global tuner.gig (60.9 KB)

Cheers! Erik :slight_smile: :beers:

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This works really well now with the plugin windows on top option checked. Cool beans! Now if only the chord/lyrics window could be opened/closed in the same way for tablet/portrait windows operation!!! Nevertheless, this is still a huge help! Thank you! :slight_smile:

I searched the web for some kind of Lyrics-VST… actually i found at least a “Notepad VST”:

It’s very rudimentary regarding it’s functions, but you can copy text into it and you can open/close it the same way as it’s done with the tuner plugin.
Maybe we can get an open/close function for the internal text window some day… but guess we have to be patient - it’s just one day that the latest version of GP came out. :smiley:

Of course the main benefit of the built-in lyric/chord window is its automatic association with songs. When a song is chosen, everything from sound (rackspaces) to lyrics is selected with a single click/tap/command. I’m not sure how the VST text plugin would work with different songs, but since the same rackspace could be used in different songs, I would imagine it wouldn’t…

At least the tuner can now be accessed and displayed over the lyrics window, and it seems they fixed the bug of the lyrics window scrolling back up to the top when switching song parts, plus I read that the chordpro format now supports jumping to different parts of the lyric window based on different song parts, so all that helps getting away with a smaller lyric window, so my hope is rekindled for live useability.

But for sure, I hope we’ll get an open/close lyric window functionality and that the resize buttons get added back in. With the new features and global rackspace, the possibilities are all very exciting though!

There is an open/close lyric window functionality. There is a GP script function to do this, so it would be simple to link this to a widget, for you to control the window open/close.