Windows fails to recognise audio interface after long idle period or reconnect

I’m using the onboard interface in a Roland RD-88 stage piano to lighten my rig (was using a MOTU 828es). When the system sits idle for an extended period (say 16 hours), GP shows the red overlay screen warning that the interface has been disconnected, although it still plays the rackspace that was last loaded including responding to MIDI from both keyboards… Unplugging and replugging has no effect, and the only way to recover is to restart GP.

With the MOTU, it would generally recover if the interface was reconnected.

Dell Precision 5530, 32 GB RAM
Windows 11
ASIO mode using latest driver from Roland

Yes, Gig Performer only indicates what a (audio or MIDI) driver of your Windows operating system is telling it.

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(power plans, disable USB suspending, etc.)

Audio interfaces with quality drivers such as MOTU and RME reconnect almost instantly.


Make sure cable is securely connected? Try new cables?

Sounds like a bug in the Roland driver

Did you make sure that the Power Management in all USB Hubs located in the Device Manager have been unchecked for saving power? In my experience, simply unplugging and replugging will not re-activate the hardware unless you plug it into a different USB port.

Thanks for the ideas. The fact that I can continue to play through GP even though the red screen is up argues that the USB connection between the keyboard and the computer is unaffected.

Since it isn’t a showstopper (unless there’s a really long intermisson :wink: ), I guess I’ll accept it as the cost of downsizing and losing about 100 lb from my rig.