Widget values between songs / parts?

Is it possible to gradually change widget values between songs / song parts?

Sometimes a song or part has a soft pad part at the end of a song using Rack A. Widget for gain set to 3’ish. I wait a bit before changing songs.

Then I switch to the next song, which also uses Rack A. It recalls its captured settings which the gain is set to 10. As soon as I advance to the next song, even before playing a note, the small tail of the previous soft pad jumps sharply to level 10.

Any ideas?

With scripting that is possible.

I would use a separate rackspace for the next song. Just create a duplicate of rackspace A, let’s call it A1 here …

Then you could hold notes with constant volume or fade out on Song 1 with rackspace A, while switching to Song 2 using rackspace A1 with different volume settings.

That would be my workflow. I have 60+ songs and 60+ rackspaces in my gig file.