Widget to send MSB with Program Change?

I was kind of hoping to use the otherwise unused drum pads on my controller to send out PCs to my vsts in GP. (Please, no advice on using rackspaces to do this instead, I get it…but patch persist is not that important to me, the loading time that would create just does not work for my lifestyle… and I really have no issues with the vsts i use receiving and responding to PCs).

However, my drum pads only send out note on/offs and CCs. So I set up up a widget connected to a MIDI IN block, set to send PC. But Arturia V-Collection requires a MSB and I’m not seeing how to achieve that. Any advice in how to achieve any of this is greatly appreciated. .

I probably have this wrong, but the way I was reading things, it seems like VST3 requires the MSB to be able to send PCs to the vst.

Ok after a second search in the forum, I found the answer to this… which is quite simply and obviously to just use a second widget to send the bank change message, which is CC0. I am assuming that the order in which these are received by the vst makes a difference? Not sure how I could have any effect on that or if ti matters.

What plugin of the Collection are you using?
I tested just with Analog Lab 4 and Concerts View
Included a widget an mapped to send PC messages to the Midi In Plugin which is connected to Analog Lab 4.
Works fine.

What issue do you have?

I was working with Mini V. It would not respond to PCs either directly or setting up a widget to send PC. I contacted Arturia and they say that I have to set up a playlist in Mini V and then send a Bank change message to pick the setlist and PC to select patch. I then specifically asked if it was possible without Bank Change message…would it just respond to the PC within whatever playlist was current…and their answer was that the Bank Change message was absolutely required.

I will check it out with Analog Lab. Maybe that handles things differently.

Bank change is not necessary when you select the 1st set

Ok not able check this out at the moment… but after a quick perusal of manual, I’m not seeing anything about “sets” or 1st Set … did you mean the 1st song?

And it says this…
♪: You can also use MIDI Program Change messages to change your presets. When working in this way, the MIDI Bank Select MSB selects the song while Program Change selects the Presets within that song

Yes you are right, I used the wrong word: I meant song

ok thanks! I would have thought there would be a default “song,” or"'playlist" …or whatever was currently active, that would accept just the PC. But Arturia told me otherwise.

I’ll give it a shot with Anaolg lab