Widget saving state

A particular plugin that I am using seems not to remember some widget settings. I remember an option to choose a saving method for the widget’s state, but I can’t remember where I saw it. Should I be doing something more when a widget forgets its setting?

Which plugin?

Its the Ujam bass plugin. I’ve had trouble, and have posted about here previously. I can export from a gigfile of 20 rackspaces, then, when I import into a new Gig of 400 rackspaces, just about every aspect of the Ujam parameters are not saved on import. I can work around it by mapping each Ujam parameter to a widget then midi learning each one. But that takes age to do. If I go back to the gig file where the export came from, everything is fine and plays as it should. It’s the export /import process that mucks the Ujam bass plugin up. And that is the only plugin affected. Everything else imports great.

Have you reached out to them? Given that every other plugin you’ve got is working properly, the chances are extremely high that this is a issue with that plugin

The last time I asked they mentioned that GP was not something they were familiar with. Also, how can we be sure that the problem is not in the export/import process?

That’s changing as Gig Performer grows in popularity. However, we can reach out to them as well. I will do that now.

One hundred percent sure? Can’t! No guarantees in life!

But given the combination of your noting that “Everything else imports great” along with the fact that we have never heard of a problem with any other plugin, basic probability suggests that it’s highly unlikely to be a Gig Performer issue.

Can you reproduce this issue without all the other rackspaces?

We’re not going to be able to replicate your entire environment and we need the smallest possible example (with steps on how to reproduce) to try and narrow this issue down.

I carried out some tests using a single rackspace. First of all, I stripped out all the midi learned widgets and then exported the problem rackspace as a test piece. I then imported that single rackspace into various gig files comprising 40, 80, 120, 160, 200, 240, 280 and 320 rackspaces. The test rackspace when imported by itself played perfectly each time in each gig file. But when the same test rackspace was imported within a group of 20, it again faulted and would not play correctly.
My conclusion is that It seems that GP does not like importing groups of rackspaces into large exisiting gig files. So the answer would appear to be to just import one single rackspace at a time. While this may seem slow at first, the advantage is that time will be saved by not having to “fix up” faulty rackspaces that don’t import well when in a group.

Can you send me that single rackspace? Also, do you have predictive loading enabled?


Yes I do, set to three. Can I make another plea for an option to set to two please. When “winging it” and playing random songs from a large gig file rather than a set list, I only need the lowest predictive setting, and three is not needed. An option of two, either one before or one after would be good, and I think useful in my case.

When importing a rackspace through the GP menu - File/Import rackspace - you can not choose more than 1 rackspace.
To import more than 1 rackspace, I believe you “force” the import function by dragging several files from Windows explorer into GP ?
Maybe it could be the problem ? Otherwise it should be possible to import more than 1 rackspace through the menu…
But this is just an idea.

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That’s something I never considered - using the import menu I mean. I’ve still been dropping the files in one at a time. I should try the import menu to see if that helps.

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That would be a useful experiment

I did it and it certainly was. When using the import menu instead of drag and drop, I get perfect results every time.

The other thing I noticed when using drag and drop, was that the computer (Surface Pro 6) was getting very hot. There must be different processes (more intense perhaps?) going on when drag and drop is carried out. And I had a series of crashes after drag and drop too and sent in a crash report yesterday. Anyway, whatever was going on with drag and drop has been fixed using import.

I spoke too soon. The same import problems are appearing again whether I import through the menu or drag and drop. The Ujam bass interface freezes up and controls loose their memory settings. It must be either GP not exporting correctly or not importing correctly or both. All I know is that I have been trying to build this large gig file from 20 small ones containing 20 rack spaces each since about October last year. I can get so far ok, and then these import problems start happening and gradually get worse. Yet, whenever I go back to any of the 20 original rack spaces, the bass parts are all good and play fine. Very frustrating and soul destroying.

I’ve contacted that company to get a copy of the plugin to test it…very hard to see why every other plugin loads fine except that one.

Lets hope you can sort it out after it arrives.

Well, first we have to reproduce the issue, then we have to try and determine where the problem is… it always easy…again, I’m struck by the fact that everything else works.