Widget returning to saved value everytime I change song part


I have a widget that is controlling cutoff freq on a VST synth. The same rackspace is used for 2 different parts of the song. In the first part I adjust the widget to a lower value, but whenever I change to the second song part the widget jumps up to the originally saved value and not the most recently dialed value from the first song part.

How do I program a widget to not jump in this way?

Thank you

You use snapshots - check the online manual

Link: How to capture variation edits?

Hello, thank you for the responses. I’m still a bit comfused, but if you were able to respond to my 4 questions below, I should able to get things sorted.

Lets say I have song part 1 and song part 2, both associated with the same variation.

  1. While in a given song part, the values saved of the associated variation will be the foundation of all params. Under normal circumstances, if I tweak a param over the course of song part 1 and then change to song part 2, it will revert to the original saved param values of the variation, correct?

  2. If I decide i want to have a param value in part 2 (different from part 1) I can press the floppy disk icon (outlined in the link above). So that when I change to part 2, the new value will be sent, correct?

  3. this floppy disk feature, do you call these snapshots? The manual isn’t entirely clear.

4A) If I understand everything correctly so far (please let me know if I’ve missed something!) what I’d like to do is not addressed. I’d like to be in Song part 1, change a param, and when I go to song part 2, have the value of the given param that was changed over the course of part 1- to not revert to any pre-designated value, but remain the value that it was changed to over the course part 1, carrying forward into part 2.

4B) An example, I have a widget controlling Delay set to 00 in the foundation variation used for both part 1 and 2. Over the course of part 1, I change the delay value to some inexact new value. When I switch to song part 2, I’d like that new value to be preserved.

How do I achieve this?

Thanks again!

Ok, how should the system decide when to recall a value and when not?

Everything you wrote seems correct to me. (For what that is worth).

If I am reading this correctly, it sounds like you want to “Push Song Part Changes to Rackspace”:


@pianopaul The system should recall values of the rackspace/variation when I select the the song. I will change those original variation params over the course of song 1. When I change to song 2, the system should not recall any values, but only keep whatever new values I changed. Reminder songs part 1 and 2 use the same variation. i change params during part 1, and want those changes to be preserved when i changed to part 2.

@jeffn1 Push song part changes is more for saving different values during the editing process, right? I’m looking to do this for a performance setting, having to press a button to push song part changes is an editing technique i’d like to avoid in the midst of a performance.

OK, try to set the widget property to “Ignore Variations”

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Where is that located? the manual says it’s under Value menu but I don’t see it?

But then snapshots for such widgets are not taken.

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I think what you want cannot be implemented.
When the song part is selected for the 1st time the snapshot value should be applied.
Then you change the widget and switch to another song part.
Then you switch back to the song part and want your latest changed value, so the snapshot
should not be applied.

How should Gig Performer decide when to recall a snapshot and when not ?

It sounds like you want a snapshot to apply to all variations within the song only? (But, not to be be applied outside of that song?)

If so, I have to admit, I think I would use that. I often go though song parts making the same snapshot tweaks to variations within a songs (add two notches of volume to each widget in every song part).

Might need to do some GP Scripting for this

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Hi @pianopaul , what you descried above is not what I intend. I don’t need to “switch back” to any song part. I play song part 1 and change a param, I switch to song part 2 (using same variation as part 1) and I want the param that was changed to be preserved. I don’t need to change back to song part 1.

@dhj With this clarification, will it still require scripting?

@jeffn1 What do you mean outside of song? I don’t think this is what I need. All that I have described would be used in performance in using song parts… I don’t have a need for anything outside of song parts.

I guess you have watched all the videos on widgets and snapshots and read the manual.

So, you want to change something during your show/performance, but you do not want it to save beyond that?

If so, that seems to raise a question I do not know the answer to (I’m sure other people who responded will):

If you save a snapshot, does it automatically update the Gig file you are in?

I’ve assumed the answer is “no”. I have always assumed that any change I make must be saved in the Gig file to be saved after I shut off GP. (I know there are ways of saving rackspaces independent of saving the Gigi file and there are way of exporting other settings, …)

(Sorry if I am missing the boat here.)


Then just check “Ignore Variations” for your widget