Widget not found message keeps popping up


I’ve recently deleted some widgets from a couple of rack spaces and I keep getting the following message: Script logger “Widget not found in rack space”
How do I fix this and stop the message appearing please?


Remove the widget declaration from your script for the rackspace in question

(NB — next version of GP will give a slightly more helpful error message, telling you WHICH rackspace has the problem :slight_smile:


I didn’t write the script. It was kindly written for me by a member of this forum. I don’t know how to access the script, how to clear the error message or how to find which rackspace it is attached to. Could someone give me simple instructions on how to carry out this operation please?


Ok I went into the menu and found the script editor. I deleted all the text and then saved the whole gig. However, the same message keeps reappearing. Looks like the solution must be to delete the Rackspace and re-create it?


Nope - the solution is simply to delete the specific reference to the widget in question and then press the recompile button.