Widget items scaling



I’m creating some rackpanels and when I resize the GP window the size and position of some widget elements don’t remain proportional to the window size.

Maximized window example

Not mazimized window example

When I put back the GP window maximized some elements are now our of position.

Mazimixed window example

Other issue is that when I close GP and open again, some items are displayed on wrong positions.

GP Restart(without saving)

Is this a bug or I’m doing something wrong?


Thanks for reporting this. This must be a bug. The problem is that we do not allow resizing of widgets beyond certain point so once you go beyond that point - some widgets would resize while other will not, then when you shrink again - some widgets may show the symptoms you displayed.

We’ll see what can be done. Will certainly record into our bug tracking system, Thanks for the report.