Widget copying from global rackspace panel to rackspace panel with 4.1.5

When I copy a widget from the global workspace and paste it into my local rackspace — It does not maintain the properties from the global rackspace. Is there help on this topic or a how-to? I’ve tried every which way but it my case it operates the same as in release 4.0

  1. You’ll need to have the “From Global Rackspace” block to be present in your local rackspace wiring
  2. You’ll have to press SHIFT when you “paste” the copied widget onto your local panel.

Works - thanks for clarification

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I tried it earlier today on my Mac…

“Was it Command or Control? Command or Control…?“

It didn’t work. Now, I read this thread.

“Shift. It’s shift.”

I’m writing this post in hopes of having a story to help me remember it. :sunglasses:

Ctrl on Mac is never used, it is always Cmd :slight_smile:

Review keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts

… and the additional tips: Additional tips
(note that and the very and you have this tip about pasting the global widgets :slight_smile: )

This is helpful. I’m originally a (DOS, er) Windows person. Control, Alt, and Shift always felt independent and clear. With Mac, we get Command, Option, Shift, and Control, and now I always get confused by shortcuts.

Apparently, my brain can handle three modifier keys that start with different letters. Four keys with overlapping letters is a step too far.

Thank you, Gig Performer, for crossing Control off of my list. Time to start using Mac shortcuts. :slight_smile: