Widget copy/paste to include plugin/parameter link

If I set up some widgets for a plugin in one rackspace, and then want to have the same widgets copied to other rackspaces (that share the same plugin), the current copy/paste functionality doesn’t copy across the plugin/parameter assignments.

It would be great that when copying/pasting widgets from one rackspace to another, if the same plugin is in the destination workspace, that the widgets are automatically mapped to the plugin/parameter. Thanks.

I see this scenario happening a lot if I purchase a new plugin and want to add it and then widgets to my existing rackspaces, and it would be nice to minimise tedious mapping.

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I imagine this would be a tough one - but I would love to see it…

YES! I was just wishing this the other day, but was thinking I needed to double check the manual to see if it was possible or not. But generally every time I use a plugin in a new rackspace, I want to use the same configuration of widgets as set up in previous rackspaces.

I’m sorry to hear someone thinks this would be tough to accomplish. For now I guess I choose the plug in with the most work involved and choose that rack space to copy.

You should be able to save a panel as template and use it when creating a new panel.
Page 113 in the user guide

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@pianopaul ok the manual on the GP website no longer has page numbers from what I can see. And I don’t see what you are referring to in that section of the manual. But if you are saying each panel individually in a rack space can be saved as a template, that definitely.helps.

But as mentioned before in another thread, I have a lot of trouble with screen real estate and how these panels size on the screen…and for whatever other reasons…panels do not always equate to just one plug in. So I still think it would be nice to be able to save all these routings/widget configurations per plug in.

We are in the middle of updating. The online manual is searchable

I have already added this suggestion to our tracking systrm

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