Why does starting restarting/reopening GIg Performer so long?

I wanted to revert to the saved version of a gig, so I selected the menu option File/Open … and selected the same gig file which was already loaded (but not saving it to prevent saving the wrong changes).

For about a minute I saw the screen below. I thought it hanged but after some minute (or longer), it started to load the gig file (successfully).

I was wondering if this has a reason … or maybe it should be made clear that it can take some time (by a different message on the screen).


Freeing up resources takes time.

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Ok, but still it would be nice to show it in a message box (… clearing resources ), before showing 0% for quite some time (my gig file is 77 MB now and probably it will be twice as big when I’m done adding all songs).

Close Gig Performer and restart it, this is way faster.

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I would need to check into that … I think I saw a few times that closing it, prevents it to be opened immediately (it also takes some time without any visible message).

I try to wait (at least) a few minutes after shutting down GP before shutting down the computer to avoid it from hanging up.

(If I save in GP, I also try to wait a few minutes before saving and shutting down GP.)

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The only reason I would be impatient is when I would need to restart during a rehearsal or gig :slight_smile:

I didn’t notice this.

@npudar , I’ve run into this with multiple versions of GP and on both Windows and Mac. It was worse on Windows. On my 2021 Macbook Pro, it is typical that I would have to wait at least 30 seconds before trying to reopen GP after shutting it down. It is as if the UI shuts down before some background processes releases the executable. Of course, you’re supposed to be able to open multiple instances at the same time, but I’ve never done it myself.


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I’ll test this tomorrow :slight_smile:

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@npudar , the full steps to reproduce and observed behavior when this occurs.

  1. Quit GP (this typically happens when closing a larger gig file)
  2. As soon as the UI closes, immediately click on GP again to restart

Expected Behavior
GP starts up an instance

Observed Behavior (not always, but often)
GP does not start, no UI shows and no process shows up in the OS for GP

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Then, yes, @pianopaul is right. It must take some time to clear up resources.

I must admit that I never tried starting Gig Performer immediately after closing it.

I do this a lot, and have no issues reloading GP instantly.
It is better to open GP with a blank gig and then load your gig file, in this particular example.