Why does Kontour not show up?

I bought Native Instruments Komplete 13 a week ago.
I hope this question can be asked here (I’m not sure if it’s a NI of GP question).

I’m using Kontour which I put in a Komplete Kontrol container, see screen shot below.

However, I prefer to use the Kontour container (or anything less general than Komplete Kontrol) inside GP. Is this possible?

What I also see is that the Reaktor 6 is also disabled, I’m not sure if this is related (and how to solve that issue).

I found the solution already I think (after first spending an hour to search where it can be found).

It seems to be in the VST (not VST3) section (in Reaktor 6):

(note: if it is preferred to remove questions with own answers, then I will do that of course, it’s just to help others with a similar problem).

NI has not made VST3 versions of most of their plugins.

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Yes, I now added the VST (non VST 3) folder and found more synths to be used.

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