Which MacBook Pro as safety solution?


Happy new year to everyone!

My current setup: MBP 15", mid 2014, 2.8GHz i7, quad core, GigPerformer of corse :-), MKB Roland A88 and DSI RevII.

I’m thinking about leaving DSI at home and playing gigs only with software. So a second MBP as safety system is needed.

How do you handle the safety aspect?
Do you have a second MBP?
What MBP?
Are quad cores essential, or dual cores sufficient?
What benchmarks (single- , multicore) at least?


As a backup system I am using a Macbook Pro 2012 and this is working fine.
1tb ssd harddisk and 16gb memory.




It has an I7


This is an amazing setup. I use their products.

Install GigPerformer on each workstation. Use their utility for informing the interface which is the active system… If one goes down, the other is live immediately. Same place, same settings. Bam!!!


Oh, that looks like the solution. You don’t need another audio interface?
What MacBook Pro’s you use?