Where To Save Gig Performer Files?

To Anyone Who Can Answer This,

I know for plug-ins, due to the large amount of data, they need to be streaming off of an external drive verses the system drive on your computer. When saving Gig Performer files, do those also need to be saved on the external drive too with the plug-ins? By default Gig Performer wants to save it’s files to my documents on the system drive. Thanks in advance for your help.

Gigfiles are loaded in advance so no need to worry about them. The only plugins that require access during use are plugins that require samples and each plugin is responsible for where its samples are stored.

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Thank you for replying to my question. I greatly appreciate it.

Of course — we have an active and growing community and we’re all into helping each other.

I use Win10 and don’t use any external drive but a unique 2Tb internal mSATA SSD. e.g. I use on an everyday basis the Synthogy American concert D piano plugin, which is based on about 54Gb of samples (if I remember well). Every played note sample is read in real time from the SSD with zero issue. So, I think the game changer on a music dedicated computer is really the SSD. I don’t know if people experience drive issues using an SSD which could be solved using an external drive.

Regarding the loading/saving of gig file, do what is more convenient for you. :wink:

I keep my files on a very fast 512gig sd card. I’ve never liked saving to the internal drive in case of corruption and loss of files (Windows playing tricks!). I did a test load on a large gig file containing 450 rack spaces by copying it to the main ssd. Then I carried out a loading time test on both the sd card and the main ssd. The difference was 3 or 4 seconds i.e., not worth worrying about. I also have an identical sd card in an external holder and I back up my files to that every time I remember (I use GoodSync).

Thanks for sharing. I’ve been using Ableton for backing tracks as well as hosting the plug ins I use live such as Omnisphere so an external SSD is necessary. Since Gig Performer is plug in based, I wasn’t sure where to store those files though they are small. I didn’t want my laptop working harder than it was suppose too…haha. Actually it works quite well. I try to make sure to use as little CPU as possible. Thank you for replying!

I haven’t thought about using the SD card for anything. My laptop and external SSD are both backed up locally and online. I know not to take any chances :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for sharing! I may try an SD card for certain files.