We need Hot Keys on GP!

I have just realised there are no Hot Keys available on GP!! ???

I can see on the manual a few keyboard shortcuts only.
And to be honest I don’t quite understand this omission on a computer application…

For instance, could we get hot keys to switch rackspaces and variations at the very least?

Have you guys ever thought about using a streamdeck?

You could even develop a little app for it so easily! :star_struck:
Great visual feedback, tactile, super easy configuration, compact…


I’ve always looked at the idea of NOT touching your computer/laptop during a live performance. Completely control it from a MIDI controller. Possible that this is the reason why no effort was spent on Hot Keys. (just a thought) :sunglasses:

You can use Bome Midi Translator to convert those keys to MIDI messages.

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Sure, we can use a million other apps to do a zillion other things…
But why not having hot keys on a computer software in the first place??

This doesn’t make any sense to me honestly…
You don’t have to touch the keyboard if you don’t want really…

Hot Keys in a computer application is a must!
C’mon… it’s 2019… let’s do things easier and smoother…

Instant Hot Keys please!
Why do I have to mouse around to do just a simple thing while holding my guitar?

Having to MIDI Map everything is just not convenient
It kills the whole workflow when building and gestating ideas and new patches

Look at the Streamdeck, they use it now even in hospitals and airports…
The possibilities are endless!

You don’t need to know how to write scripts just to map a macro and have a whole sequence of events triggered by the push of a button…


EnjoyRC is correct. We envisioned Gig Performer as something that would run on your computer completely unattended. The idea is for musicians to play their instruments (keyboards, guitars, vocals, whatever) as usual and use footpedals, expression pedals, control surfaces, or tablets to control Gig Performer.

What exactly do you want hot keys to do?

all that is great but not having hot keys is a drag i’m afraid
if you want to unable the computer keyboard when playing live is alright
even though, i still don’t understand that option 100% because you still can change things with the mouse…
now, excluding to have hot key control i think is not a good idea
i need hot keys, this is a computer, not a rack hardware!

ok, what about having some elemental hot keys for switching variations, rackspaces… toggling plugins…
basic elemental things to do with the software you know,
having to drag the mouse for everything, it’s a drag guys

the main reason for me to have a computer host is to build many patches and elaborate complex routings quickly
so swapping plugins, changing screen views, etc…
it’s absolutely fundamental in my opinion

i normally map hot keys to different devices (a shuttle pro, a streamdeck, including saving macros of keystrokes to quickly recall repeated events and actions…)

thanks for listening,


what about giving us an option to map our own custom hot keys??
same as we map midi controls…
like in ableton for instance…??
would that be easier at this stage of the development of the software?
at least, i think i would find that option even more useful for me personally…
thanks again

OK - hang on a sec — there are quite a few keyboard shortcuts in Gig Performer. (NB that list is not complete, there are other keyboard shortcuts - such as arrow keys to move up/down rackspaces/variations but only when the rackspace area has the focus) but it would just seem that you want some more.

What is meant by “toggling plugins”?

I don’t quite understand the benefit of a “Stream Deck”? For example, you can already use an iPad with Gig Performer using something like Lemur, TouchOSC, MIDI Designer, to name just a few. It’s not hard to build your own templates with those tools to control Gig Performer as well since Gig Performer has a full OSC implementation for remote control purposes. We have example templates for both Lemur and TouchOSC

With an OSC supported iPad or Android tablet you can certainly move up or down, but you also get to see and select from a list of your rackspaces and/or songs by name (do that with a Stream Deck!). In fact our OSC protocol even lets you remotely control plugin parameters directly

I’m not saying that we can’t or won’t or shouldn’t add more direct keystroke commands but believe it or not, as far as I know ,you’re actually the first user in three years to ask for this, so it just hasn’t been a high priority. I guess we just prioritized remote control above operating the computer directly.


Hey, thanks for your response.
Alright, I can see that I can switch Variations sequentially by using the arrows on my computer keyboard. That’s something!
Even though, I still need to use the mouse to roll on top of the variations’ zone.

I personally think that not including hot keys on a computer software is not a good idea
But I totally respect your decision, and I’ll learn to live with this ‘limitation’ surely.

There’s nothing wrong with the iPad!
In matter of fact, that’s what I use the most.
But I still prefer the tactile experience of pressing physical keys than a flat glass surface while on the stage. I just find it more ‘re-assuring’ having that little bit of muscle memory feedback while on the stage. But that’s just me.

I absolutely love the visual feedback of having an iPad in front of me.
And Lemur is one of the best things I’ve ever seen in music technology in a long time.
The template you guys designed is brilliant so well done for that.
I plan to use one iPad and a iPhone on the floor just for me to see a timer and the name of the Variation/Rack Space I’m on.

The GUI of GP is so well designed (from a musician point of view), that I just hope to try a touch screen for my PC in the future and control everything that way without the iPad if I can…
So there’s not need to be defensive with that…

Now please be open for constructive criticism.
Hot Keys could be really helpful when creating macros with the stream deck for example.
I just find tactile buttons more suitable for me. Including the computer keyboard why not?
The iPad is great for the visual feedback but the streamdeck it’s also amazing on that regard.

So I kindly encourage you to research a bit more on the streamdeck because for what you are saying it’s clear to me that you haven’t done much research on that area…

Hot keys and macros are growing really fast thanks to this little device and are going to be everywhere due it’s price and compact format.

So just for your information, the Streamdeck fully supports OSC, animated gifs, all imaginable graphics, and with a few very easy editors (e.g. Companion) it also supports MIDI messages.
The list is growing very quickly.

What’s more, It’s open source for developers and you can create your own app for it.
I use the stream deck in live shows almost every day with vMix and with Reaper and I think it’s brilliant. Cubase users, and composers are also starting to implement the streamdeck on their workflow… because it’s really easy to configure and really convenient to have next to you.


Aside from the discussion why the keyboard shortcut support is the way it currently is:

If that‘s the case, you can set up your Streamdesk for the use with GP once by either creating a global MIDI mapping of using the OSC Interface. This enables you use it for the stuff you asked for (like stepping through the rackspaces or songs) without having to write a single line of GP Script or setting stuff up for every rackspace. I find this preferable to keyboard shortcuts because it is independent of which window has the focus.

yes, all that it’s true.
But it’s way easier to map hot keys on the streamdeck than OSC or MIDI
Even easier for me to type things on my keyboard while i’m building something
I don’t know man, I have just grown up using Keyboard shortcuts with computers and my workflow is way better, and faster, and efficient that way.
But hey, I’ll live with that. I’ll be mapping stuff like a :monkey:
not a problem
Long life to GP!

I understand your point :slight_smile: I also think that having keyboard shortcuts for a large part of the core functionality of an application is a great thing to have - I use some of the existing shortcuts very extensively. So I think this is a sensible feature request and I am glad that you bring this up, because this is what helps GP to become better software.

But software development is a complex process - and even if that feature would be completely coded today, you’d still have to wait some time before it is released to the public, because a new build has to be done which can depend on other stuff being finished, that build will be tested extensively and re-iterated if problems show with any of the features in that build.
So in the mean time, you just don’t have the feature available to you. That’s why I gave you that hint so you can assess for yourself if it’s actually worth for you to invest the time to set up a workaround.

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I wasn’t asking for this to be released on Monday :rofl:
Thanks for listening!
So are you another developer of GP Simon?

No, @dhj and @djogon are the only developers of GP. I have experience in general software development and a (very limited) bit of insight into the processes for GP that comes from talking to people on this forum.

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I think you’re misunderstanding my comments which should not be interpreted as defensive at all. We’re delighted to get feedback from our users, ultimately it can only make Gig Performer better for everyone. But we will push back sometimes as a mechanism to try and hone in better on a topic so as to make the best decisions possible.

So consider the following from our perspective:

  • I have not heard of the Streamdeck but I can tell you that new devices like these show up all the time. Have you seen the new GT Mastermind? It’s really cool and Trey Gunn (a Warr guitarist) is already using it with Gig Performer. The Sensel is another very interesting new device to play with.
  • If we had chosen to support the Streamdeck we’d have lots of people asking us why we didn’t support the iPad (understand we can’t possibly support everything from the very beginning)
  • How many people have Streamdecks vs. how many people have iPads or Android tablets? A few hundred, maybe a few thousand of the former vs. many millions of the latter.

At this point we probably have hundreds of items on our tracking system (we do capture all the feature requests, even if we don’t respond publicly) and everybody has their favorite “must have” request. But we have to figure out how to get the biggest bang for the buck and make Gig Performer as attractive as possible to the largest potential audience.

So we’re hard at work trying to address what we see as the highest priority requests and there’s always going to be some trade-offs. So it’s not that I disagree with you - sure, it would be nice to have macros, but it’s a feature that (as far as I can tell so far) is of interest to a very tiny percentage of users and that has to be a factor as we prioritize what we do.

Having said that, we have a scripting language (actually compiled, we picked a bad name!) and OSC support so if the Streamdeck supports OSC, you can probably interact with Gig Performer’s OSC subsystem and/or create GP Scripts to do really customized interaction with the Streamdeck.

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@pangea2003, if you already own a Streamdeck, as suggested by @simon and @dhj, I think it would be very constructive to start to use it with OSC and GP script. Everybody here would benefit from your experience. Furthermore, if there are missing features or options in GP that prevent you to do what you want to do, you will be able to tell exactly what. I would personally be very interested in your experience with a Streamdeck and OSC :wink:

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Much appreciated for your response.

Yes, I think we both misunderstood each other a bit.

Listen, forget the stream deck.
That’s what I meant from the beginning
The streamdeck is just a cool example (I think) of what someone could do with hot keys

You see, unfortunately, things don’t always work perfectly.
A few days ago I couldn’t figure out why my program changes were not switching variations on GP…
Maybe I was too tired because late at night, maybe there was something not set correctly…
I don’t know… but what I know is that sometimes when I’m building patches and things don’t work/behave the way I want, I still have to continue with the essence of what I’m doing, which is not setting OSC networks…
personally, in order to be more productive i divide my time between the tech stuff, and the creative stuff… and sometimes I don’t even bother to map anything!

So the immediacy of having hot keys i could trigger directly from my computer keyboard without having to think on anything else or set up anything is important for me for this very basic reason.

And believe me, if you use a computer, you need a computer keyboard (as well as a mouse).
No worries, they won’t remove keyboards from computers any time soon.
And I’m pretty sure every single current GP user have a computer keyboard!

It’s also interesting how Apple is finally bringing keyboards to the iPad… innit?



I just received a Streamdeck – will be interested to see what it is capable of.


wow, i’m impressed! :partying_face:

i strongly recommend you to pair it with this too:

I need to understand the basics first - I’m just curious about it at this point. That companion is web-browser based, which does not bring me much comfort!

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