Waterfall keyboard modification script

I have modified a keyboard for waterfall action but cannot save the velocity setting on the keyboard,
so I need a script that says if velocity greater than zero then velocity = max 127, so that when i hit a key its always max velocity.
can this be done ?

Gimme some minutes :wink:

ok paul

try this:

var MIN : MidiInBlock

on NoteEvent (m : NoteMessage) from MIN

 if GetVelocity(m) > 0 then
  SendNow(MIN, WithVelocity(m,127))
  SendNow(MIN, WithVelocity(m,0))


Top man paul.
I’ll try this later when home and let you know.
Cheers from uk

You don’t need a script for this, but only change the velocity scale like this in the MIDI in block:

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You are totally right (I am too familiar with scripting).
And because of the title I thought simusix2 wants to use a script …
But with scripting one could implement something like a curve.

Yes, and @simusix (or @simusix2 ?) requested a script :wink:

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Mono and stereo? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dick und Doof ?
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The Fox and the Hound ?
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Sorry, It got out of hand…


Thanks for help, the midi in block worked a treat, not tried script yet

Perfect. By the way you can also have a look here:


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