Warning before attempting to "Clear list" or "Rescan all plugins"

That would be really useful.
Some plugins are sometimes finicky re: authorization process.
If you’v got lot of them, well, it takes time.

Also, this one already’v been asked, but its really missing.
Some way to manage plugins by kind (instruments, effects, MIDI effects), names, etc.
Not talking about “Quick plugin finder” of course, which is really handy.


Am I misreading this? Is there a Quick plugin finder?

@Jack - yes. Just press CMD+P or CTRL+P on Windows and start typing :slight_smile:

There are also quick finders for songs, rackspaces …

Is there a way to assign widget to the computer keyboard. For example, assigning the space bar to a PlayStop Widget?

Is there a way to use quick finders when accessing the replace plugin option? I can’t seem to make that work.