VST with RTA hold function

I’m looking to control some rogue bass volume spikes that happen while using my auto bass VST (Ujam). Is there an easy to use parametric or graphic eq vst with RTA that will indicate a volume spike that I can program in? I would need the RTA section to have a hold function if possible.

Fabfilter Pro Q3?

My favourite paramEQ/Analyzer is MEqualizer from Melda Production.
It is part of the “MFreeFX Bundle”:

You can “unlock” quite a few useful features for a moderate payment, and it’s on sale right now!
So for 20€ you can upgrade the whole package (if i remember that right, it’s a weekend offer).

This is the EQ-plugin:

The only thing is, it doesnt have a dedicated “peak hold”, but with a GUI and an RTA like this, you wont miss it…

Thanks for the suggestions. I already had the Melda bundle and had paid for the upgrade. The MEq plugin is doing all I want just fine.