VST sequenzers/modulators for use within GP3, any Tipps?


has anybody some tipps for VST/AU sequenzers that work within GP3 ?
hopefully there is something out, i´m not shure.

in fact i´m interested in everything, from sequenzers to LFOs to modularsynth style modulators.
i for my one have Live suite with M4L, so all the devices i used to use were M4L devices.
loading both, GP + Live is not an option for now.
( i have many different uses for sequenzers,…i guess my main interest would be to modulate parameters within FX VSTs )
( but something that even could record my keyboardplaying incl. pianoroll would be also much appreciated, if such exists)

I´d be mostly interested in tipps from people who use what they tell.
Or at least mention please only things that made you interested in.
I had some surches, it brought me not really to things that i´d want to try out.
well, i found an LFO, and loaded the demo, but could not make it working within my GP rack…

a main point would allways be: a good functional overlookability,
and a good, intuitive access to the given functionality.
here for example, i also struggled alots so far with the M4L devices i had

Melda CCGenerator

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SOme of the stuff from Sugar Bytes may be of interest.

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The MidiShape is cool but their documentation is terrible. Here’s a gig file where MidiShaper is sending out CC 1 values which I’m feeding into a synth (The Legend) where the Cutoff Frequency has been associated with CC1

I’m not in a position to give a tutorial so hopefully you can figure it out.

Note: you can use a Midi Monitor plugin in Gig Performer to see what MidiShaper is sending out.

MidiShapeMod.gig (9.3 KB)


GP can record ALL MIDI you send to it :slight_smile:

Ideas from various “devices”:

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this is supercool !
i need to check it later, the next days.
i hope this will help me to understand…

ahh, yeah, …i installed that one too, and was even more confused how it works :wink:
there seems to be be a general hurdle i have to take first

thanks for the reminder. i indeed landed there the other day.
“Thesis” is looking like what i had in mind
( totally forgot about it. maybe cause i thought its to expensive)

i know. But i thougt its just that, a recorder…
i never looked into it. ( since i´m quite fresh to GP )
but i would end up with midid files that had to be loaded somewhere else would i guess

yeah, this looks great. but i might go with a iConnectivity device ( thats planned for later)

Can I now why this is not an option ?

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One reason is, i´m on a macmini 2012.
since Live10 is just loading Live alone kind of overloading my PC ( there seem to be known problems with the graphic part of Live10 vs. mac minis)
finally, i totally hate to load Live just for it alone…its not my cup of tea. I dislike the preset system, plus long loading times on my PC when switching a “preset” ( projects)
AND: things would get way to complicated to overlook if loading many things at once.

i “jamm” ! i´m not a producer.
i need instruments…not a combat vs. technologie.
but i´m working my way up…and might get there one day.
( hopefully having a better mac at the end of year,…plus having 3 screens hopefully)

I’m trying out MidiShaper and it is nice. The Melda MCCGenerator can do similar things but MidiShaper is nicer to work with. This is using 3 waveforms set to different lengths as a one-shot.

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How does your routing look like?

MidiShaper had an option to send straight to the midi out ports. So it’s sending to IAC Bus and the widgets are learning those incoming CC’s.

…and I’m using a script of yours I found that did the momentary button :wink:

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i just loaded a Synth and midishaper.
i can make it send CC1, and its going to my synth ( cutoff),
but i can´t make it to go to my widget.

i might open a own thread on this subject ( connect the midshaper). It seems the best way to keep then “that topic” accessible for others

You cannot send midi output from plugins directly to widgets at this time

Can Midi Shaper carry out panning, say right to left or vice verse over time?

i just stumbled over this, looks promising ( 39€ / 49$ )
it much looks what i had in mind

another tipp from “Ignatius” over at the muff wiggler forum
it might deliver lots of functionality, but is not looking inviting “to me” . ymmv

not tested any of them myself, nor any other so far. (winter saison has jet to start here)

edit: the other one from “dialogaudio”. worth to mention i guess ( 49€ / 59$ )

Sorry to necrobump but thought this would be easier.

I’m assuming that the reason MidiShaper could be setup this way is because this VSTi The Legend (in this example GIG file) already has CC’s assigned to controls and that if a plugin, or let’s say Mute on a GP Mixer, does not have a midi CC already, then I need to assign a widget for it, correct? No other way to do it, it does not appear as far as I can tell. Right?