VST plugin that plays Audio&Midi together?


For one song, I currently have to switch from Gig Performer to Cakewalk Sonar DAW because I need to play an audio track aligned to a "midi track (playing a synth VSTi) . While it is playing, I further do “live” manipulation of the VSTi synth (using sliders to change parameters of the synth e.g. cutoff, resonance, filter modulation).

Is there a VST plugin that can be used inside of Gig Performer that can be used to trigger/play together both an audio and a midi sequence (so I do not have to switch to external DAW to do this).


You can use Toontrack EZPlayer to play midi and the builtin Audio Player in Gig performer.


Does Toontrack show up as a midi source i.e. another Midi input controller in Gig Performer?


Ezplayer is a vst plugin


But I mean… it must have a midi out patch-able like a controller, right?


Take a look at the screenshot.
When you set the correct preferences in Toontrack EZPlayer it starts when you press global play.
As you can see in the Midi Monitor Window, that midi messages are sent to the connected Arturia Plugin.
That is super easy.

Feel free to ask, when I was not able to clarify.

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