Volume Widget "Popping"


yesterday I learned how to use rackspaces and widgets. I have an issue when controlling volume with expression pedal. It does some “popping” when I use it. I see that CPU stands at circa 15% and it does not go to “overload” for what I see. I send you a picture about how I did the widgets and the sound that makes when I use it. I put two expression widgets, one about left and one about right:


That’s very strange but may be related to your interface. I generally don’t recommend controlling those particular gain controls though – they’re really intended to be set at 0db and left alone except in cases of emergencies.

Instead, try inserting a gain/balance plugin or an audio mixer plugin and control the volume though that instead.


(By the way, you don’t need to use a third party website for images. You should be able to drag images directly into the window you’re editing in this community forum to insert images directly)