Volume pedal widget not working after using Rig Manager

Windows computer.
I used a different USB hub today.
I used Rig Manager to easily get my keyboard controllers re-mapped correctly.
However my “volume pedal widget” midi cc mapping is not working everywhere I checked.
Does Rig Manager fix up the keyboard controller mappings… BUT NOT “widget” midi cc mapping???
I should NOT have to go through and re-learn all my midi cc for pedal widgets, right? Yikes!
(Now I think I know why my volume pedal widget sometimes does not work on gigs)

I see in right side panel of Rig Manager there is an area to create an alias name for my pedals.
I will use that feature BEFORE re-learning my “pedal widgets”.
I am guessing that will mean Rig Manager can not only fix up my keyboard controller mappings when needed, but also fix up my “pedal widget” mappings when needed.