Volume output songparts

How can I ensure to have the same volume for same instruments in different songparts?!

My situation:
I use the same instruments in different combinations in different songparts. If I choose the next songpart, the volume logically takes the volume from the new songpart and sometimes they are not the same, so it directly is going to be louder…. Any chance to change it??

You can use a widget to set the volume and in the Song Parts you can adjust that Widget Value and save it in the Song Part.
This way you can set different values of instruments that come from the same rackspace in Song Parts.

This is documented here in the online manual

I know this, and I did this, for every instrument and every part, but maybe i do it in the wrong workflow, sometimes i use the volume widget fader in one part,….

So I need to know if I can change it in all songparts the same way…?!

I channel all rackspace outputs to gain controls in the global rackspace.

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